He is the lead guitarist and vocalist of Shingan Crimsonz. He is voiced by Kishō Taniyama in game and anime.

Personality Edit

He takes his job as a musician very seriously and has a tendency to call his fans "cattle". That is due to his parents being dairy farmers. He also hates being called out on his short height.


He is a red hedgehog like myuumon with black quills as hair with two red triangle shaped ears sticking out and a black spiked tail. His eyes are dark red with black pupils. His outfit consists of a long red shirt with tattered ends and a black tie, a black jacket with dark grey fur at the top and black pants with black spiked boots. He is sometimes seen wearing a black spiked collar with a silver skull charm.


  • He likes curry and milk.
  • His theme seems to be a fallen angel.
  • His guitar is named Red Tomahawk.
  • He often refers to Aion as "Bigman" and refuses to tell anyone why.
  • He is the shortest of the group.
  • His height is 165cm (5'4).
  • His birthday is 6 September.
  • He hates the cold.