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Dark Monsters are evil robotic like monsters that play the role of antagonists in the Show by Rock!! series.

In the GameEdit

In the game, they are seen as bosses that can be battled against in hard mode. In order to defeat one, players must keep the rhythm to shoot attacks and block against their attacks. Once the monster's life gauge is down, they are considered defeated.

In the AnimeEdit

They play a bigger role in the Anime. They prey on talented Myumons for their Melodisian Stones. If a myumon's melodisian stone turns dark out of sadness or evil desires or tainted by dark energy, then they risk the chance of becoming a dark monster. Also if a dark monster succeeds at capturing a myumon, they will use their own dark energy to taint the Melodisian Stone of their prey.

List of Dark MonstersEdit

Dark Monsters come in many varieties. Those include:


  • Many of the monsters in game have different variants.