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Track 01- Have a nice MUSIC!! is the 1st episode of the SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime series. It premiered on April 5th, 2015.


It started off with Cyan trying to practice and gather the courage to join in the school band. Only to embarrass herself when she imagines herself in a band out loud!

Later that night, Cyan was playing Show by Rock on her phone after playing the guitar. She gains an item called "Strawberry Heart" and afrter seeing some scary and mysterious images is later sucked into the game. Cyan ends up outside the stadium where Trichronika was performing. She notices that she has cat features and her outfit changed. Cyan soon sees the performance of Trichronika, being amazed by it.

A dark monster shows up with Trichronika and Cyan being suck in the huge screen. Shu Zo is confused as only Myuumons with Melodisian stones will be sucked in. Cyan is sacred as Shu Zo tells her to hide. Trichronika gets captured while their Melodisian stone was going to get polluted, turning them into a dark monster, Strawberry Heart tells Cyan to play something in order to save them. Cyan agrees after thinking that the dark monster destroyed a wonderful concert and destroys it.

She is then approached by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of Banded Rocking Records who wants her to join his recording agency. She meets Chu Chu, Retoree, and Moa, the vocalist, bassist, and drummer of Plasmagica, one of Banded Rocking Record's bands. Retoree asks Cyan to join, and she accepts.

Episode NotesEdit

  • Cyan's human form is first seen.
  • Cyan tries to join the school's band, but fails due to shyness.
  • Cyan is mysteriously teleported to MIDI City where she becomes a Myuumon.
  • Cyan meets Trichronika for the first time in both forms.
  • The first of the Dark Monsters makes it debut.
  • Cyan defeats her first Dark Monster using Strawberry Heart.
  • Cyan meets Maple Arisugawa, and Plasmagica.
  • Angelica makes her anime debut.
  • Cyan joins Plasmagica.
  • Dagger Morse makes his debut and is seen talking with Grateful King.
  • Plasmagica begins to practice but are interrupted by a certain group of boys.....


Show by Rock!! - 01 - Have a nice MUSIC!! (Sub)

Show by Rock!! - 01 - Have a nice MUSIC!! (Sub)


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