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Retoree worrying about the Battle of the Bands

Track 03- Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration, is the third episode of the SHOW BY ROCK Anime. It showed on April 19, 2015. This episode shows us about Plasmagica and the new band, Cristicrista.

Plot Edit

Episode 3, starts off with Maple Arisugawa cooking dinner while talking about a challenge that he accepted from a fellow friend. Plasmagica was to be having a battle of the bands against Cristicristia.

Retoree started to have flashbacks when she was first scouted by Banded Rocking Records.

Later while in her room, Cyan gets an explanation from Strawberry Heart that a Battle of the Bands was where two bands compete, and the fans that are watching it vote for their favourite band. The winner will get sound dollars and a chance to level up their Melodisian Stones.

Before the Battle, Cyan, Retoree, Chu Chu and Moa, had their mix of feelings for it but all ended up with their own resolutions which was to win. Cyan after hearing what Strawberry Heart said, thought about the idea of something more than winning the opponent.

After witnessing the show that Cristicrista put on during rehersal, Plasmagica was devastated with no hope of winning against them. Cyan cheers them up by saying the improvements on the song that could be made. They all ended up with suggestions on their own. They regained their confidence and played the improved song.

When the results are out, Plasmagica lost to Cristrista. Although Plasmagica lost, they were still happy being able to play in front of audiences, now motivated to be better and have fun.

Somewhere else in the country, the band Uwasanopetals was conversing on how they wanted to go to MIDI City to see the popular band: Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan.

Episode NotesEdit

  • Cristicrista makes their band debut.
  • Plasmagica have their first Battle of the Bands against Cristicrista.
  • We see how Retoree joined Plasmagica.
  • Cyan learns what a Battle of the Bands is.
  • Cristicrista performs for the first time in the series.
  • Plasmagica preforms for the first time in the series.
  • Though they lost the Battle of the Bands, Plasmagica gets motivated to become a better band.
  • Uwasanopetals make a short cameo towards the end.
  • Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan make a cameo towards the end as sihlouettes.


Show by Rock!! - 03 - Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration (Sub)

Show by Rock!! - 03 - Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration (Sub)


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