TV 09

Rosia-chan won't forgive you....!

Track 09- Falling Star Dreamline is the 9th episode of the SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime that premiered on May 31, 2015.


Episode NotesEdit

  • As their battle with Criticrista nears, Plasmagica try to improve their performance to enhance their performance. They soon stop as they learn what is truly important is to have fun.
  • The Battle of the Bands begins with Criticrista performing "Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration" from their last performance while Plasmagica performs "Falling Star Dreamline" (the song performed in episode 06).
  • Plasmagica wins this battle of the bands to horror of Rosia.
  • Dagger Morse makes his full body appearance after Criticrista's loss.
  • Dagger fires Ogasawara who in return, flees in horror after seeing Dagger's rage.
  • Dagger punishes Criticrista by darkening their Melodisian Stones.


Show by Rock!! - 09 - Falling Star Dreamline (Sub)

Show by Rock!! - 09 - Falling Star Dreamline (Sub)


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