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Chu Chu with Antique Batman

Track 10- Reverse Rhapsody is the 10th episode of the SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime series that premiered on June 7, 2015.


Episode NotesEdit

  • Chu Chu begins to gain jealous of the attention Cyan has gained in popularity.
  • Dagger Morse takes that opportunity to scheme up a plan.
  • Strawberry Heart warns the girls of Plasmagica of Dagger's plan to capture Cyan, Shu Zo and Daru Dayu during the Grateful Rock Festival.
  • Dagger lures Chu Chu to his studio to brainwash her by using her selfish desires.
  • Chu Chu nearly quits Plasmagica but is saved by the efforts of the girls.
  • It is revealed that Grateful King was possessing Strawberry Heart to communicate with Cyan and the others.
  • It is also revealed that Chu Chu wanted to start her own solo career after Plasmagica.


Show by Rock!! - 10 - Reverse Rhapsody (Sub)

Show by Rock!! - 10 - Reverse Rhapsody (Sub)


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