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The King Is Here!!!

Track 12- Our Youth is Non Stop! is the 12th and final episode of the SHOW BY ROCK!! Anime series' 1st season that premiered June 21, 2015.


Episode NotesEdit

  • It is revealed that Criticrista was transformed into a Dark Monster after the events of Episode 09.
  • Shu Zo frees the remaining Myumons to assist Cyan in her battle.
  • Cyan and Plasmagica defeat the Dark Monster.
  • Rosia and Criticrista apologizes to Plasmagica for their actions against them.
  • Dagger Morse makes his true appearance to take over Midi City.
  • Maple Arisugawa and Angelica break into Dagger's studio to free Grateful King.
  • Cyan's Melodisian Stone is nearly corrupted by Dagger but is saved by Grateful King's appearance.
  • Cyan turns into an angel like form and defeats Dagger using Strawberry Heart as an arrow.
  • Dagger is finally defeated and turned into a small white blob form.
  • Grateful King reveals himself to be Strawberry Heart (a fact that shocks and horrifies Crow)!
  • Plasmagica performs one final concert before Cyan returns to worlds.
  • Uwasanopetals,Pig Macaron, Mari Mari, Tsugihagi, Wendy and Koriente make cameos towards the end.
  • Maple's human form is revealed towards the end!
  • Cyan returns to her world.
  • Cyan finally gets the courage to join her school band!


Show by Rock!! - 12 - Our Youth Is Non-Stop! (Sub)

Show by Rock!! - 12 - Our Youth Is Non-Stop! (Sub)


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