Koriente is the guitarist and sometimes vocalist for Shizuku Secret Mind.

Personality Edit

Koriente is a cheerful girl who loves the water. She's very kind and likes to help others. In her music, she tends to be the same way but a bit calmer. She is seen in a kid pool with Wendy in the Show By Rock Anime adaptation.

Appearance Edit

She is a rabbit Myuumon, with light blue hair and pale skin. She has a pair of white eyes with blue pupils and a same colored nose. In her usual outfit, she has on a transparent almost water like hat with eyes on it in which her blue ears stick out. She wears a light blue dress/tunic with royal blue linings. She also wears a pair of light blue boots.


  • She is the most popular character of the band.
  • In her human form, she always wears a pearl necklace with a blue stone in the middle, even in her swim-wear.
  • She makes her Anime debut in Episode 05 in her human form along with Wendy. She makes a cameo appearance in Episode 07 in her myumon form and returns for Episode 11 and Episode 12.