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Maple Arisugawa is the manager who manages both bands, Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz. And Critcrista


He takes his job as president, C.E.O and manager seriously but has ben known to be goofy and hot tempered at times. He has also been revealed to be a masochist.


He is a simple light brown egg shaped Myuumon with black pupils. He has a tuft of curly black hair on his otherwise bald head, black sideburns and has a big brown mustache covering his mouth. He wears a black shirt with black pants.


  • He can be seen in different variants throughout the mobile game.
  • It is revealed in the anime that he has a visible mouth that is hidden under his moustache.
  • Because of his appearance, people confuse him for an egg.
  • He is able to cook.