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Moa is the drummer and vocalist of Plasmagica.

Personality Edit

She likes to think of herself as an alien.

In the anime, this is evidently true, as she states that she is from another planet to investigate Sound World, though she does not say this out loud. Moa is shown to be the most bubbly and energetic of the band members, and quickly becomes friends with Cyan along with Retoree and Chu Chu.


She is a black sheep myuumon with light pink wool and as an afro like hairstyle. She has two yellow swirly horns, and little orange and yellow stars decorating her hair. Her clothes consist of a pink bubble dress with two yellow stars for pockets and long black sleeves with black tights and pink knee high boots. Around her neck hangs a big pink bow and golden bell. Her eyes are dark blue and in her humanoid form, her hair is a brighter pink and her skin is pale.


  • She tends to ends her sentences with "Pyuru~".
  • She seems to have a like for anything involving deep space or anything intergalactic.
  • Her wool or hair seems to grow very fast after cutting.
  • She names her drums Super Cosmo.

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