She is the drummer for the band, Dolly Dulci.


She is a girl who loves fashion and acts cute but has a passion for love and is weak against handsome boys.


She is a pink pig myumon. She has a light pink face with a pair of white eyes with light purple pupils, eyelash like markings beneath her eyes and a dark pink snout. She has short fuchsia colored hair with two same colored "ears" in the shape of a heart. Her tail is thin and curly and her hooves are light brown. Her outfit is a simple pink dress.


  • She makes many appearances in the anime along with two other pig girls.
  • She is the only member of the band to make an appearance in the anime so far.
  • She is based off of the sweet, macarons.
  • The reason she is a bit plump is because after she gets heartbroken, she always bakes & eats macarons.