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is one of the main bands in the game and they are the featured group in the anime. They're composed of four females.

Story Edit

Young catgirl Cyan has always dreamed of creating the top band in the city. One day, she is invited by a strange corporation president to create a band called Plasmagica(プラズマジカ) with a group of other myuumons. In order to grow to become the top band, Cyan and Plasmagica must battle all of the other bands of the music scene in Midi City.

Members Edit

  • Cyan – A guitarist and vocalist, a white cat girl who wears a Gothic Lolita outfit with striped stockings. She once dreamed on becoming the best music star in the world until she stumbles upon a mysterious guitar called Strawberry Heart. Not knowing it is a legendary instrument, she is scouted by Maple and decided to be part of the band. In human form, she has black hair and both cat ears and a long cat tail.
  • Chu Chu – the leader of Plasmagica, she is also a guitarist and vocalist, a pink rabbit girl who dresses in black clothing. An honor student of a school she attended, she is rather strictly mannered but sociable. However she can be prideful in certain situations. She wields the Antique Batman Guitar, which is her prized instrument. In human form, she has purple hair and white rabbit ears and tail.
  • Retoree – bassist and vocalist, a dog girl who has long blonde ears and a ribbon in her hair. She is the smart girl in the group and uses her smartphone anytime, making her shy and unsociable. She uses the Blue Station Guitar as her main instrument. In her human form, she has long blonde hair tied in twintails and a yellow tail.
  • Moa – drummer and vocalist, a pink and black sheep girl with yellow horns, described as an alien who came from outer space. She came to Earth to investigate until she is scouted to join the band. She always ends her speeches with "Pyuru~" and plays with the band using the Super Cosmo drums. In her human form, she has pink curly hair, yellow horns, black ears and a short black tail.

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