She is the bassist and vocalist of Plasmagica. Her name is based of a species of dogs that are Golden Retrievers or possible due to the game "Catch" played with dogs as they retrieve sticks.

Personality Edit

She is seen as a serious yet shy and intelligent girl. She has been shown to have a soft spot for cute items and her bandmates. She has a tendency to take pictures with her phone.

In the anime, Retoree remains much the same as her game counterpart: introverted, serious, and a tad awkward. She meets Cyan after she falls into Sound World, and along with Chu Chu and Moa becomes good friends with her. Her motive for joining the band was to make friends. Retoree appears to harbor feelings for Cyan.


She is a golden retriever dog Myuumon with small round glasses. Her ears blend in with her blonde hair that she wears in twin tails with black scrunchies. She wears a white school uniform shirt that has an orange collar and sleeves, with a red tie, a pleated orange skirt with thigh high black boots. She has brown eyes. In her humanoid form, she has tan skin.

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  • She has a love for figurines and cosplaying and has an advanced computer system set up in her room.
  • She seems to like technology.
  • She names her bass guitar Blue Station.
  • She hates hipsters.
  • She plays a left-handed bass.