Rosia is the guitarist and vocalist of Cristicrista. She is voiced by Rina Hikada.

Personality Edit

From her appearance and the way she talks and acts to other people, one would assume her to be kind and innocent. Episode 3, proves that to be wrong when she was actually having mean thoughts but saying nice things, like "I thought we would lose!" while thinking 'as if'.

Appearance Edit

She is a pink cat Myumon. She has a pair of white eyes with teal pupils, a black nose, a pair of dark pink ears and pink hair tied as pigtails with a yellow headband with two red hearts. Her outfit is a white Japanese Uniform for girls with pink accessories. In the Anime, she shows up at the end of episode 2, watching on Cyan and the others.


  • She and her band members are the youngest group musicians of the Show by Rock!! franchise.

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