He is the bassist of the band Shingan Crimsonz


He thinks of himself as a samurai and believes in the spirit of rock. He is actually timid and hates being lonely.


He is a mustard yellow fox Myuumon with black muzzle with a nose matching the color of his fur. He also has black tips on his ears and on his tail. In addition, the insides of his ears are also black in color. His eyes are dark red with black pupils and he sports small black rectangular rimmed glasses. He wears a black open collared jacket along with a pair of black pants with a gold chain belt and black shoes.


  • His theme is a samurai.
  • He is usually seen with a cigar. This can strongly apply that he is at least 20 because the age to smoke in Japan is 20.
  • Just like Aion, he also has a black Chinese dragon tattoo on his chest.
  • His guitar is named Ryukenden.
  • He has a tendency to add hence at the end of his sentences.